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学联帮转|喜报| 六位华人教授当选2020年英国皇家工程院院士

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英国皇家工程院(The Royal Academy of Engineering)成立于1976年,是英国工程科技领域最高殿堂,由工程科技各领域的专家组成,致力于将各领域最杰出的工程科技专家组织起来促进科学、艺术和工程科技的繁荣。



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学联帮转|喜报| 六位华人教授当选2020年英国皇家工程院院士
学联帮转|喜报| 六位华人教授当选2020年英国皇家工程院院士

Professor Charles Wang-Wai Ng FREng

CLP Holdings Professor of Sustainability, 

HKUST (Hong Kong)

Elected President of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering in 2017, Professor Charles Ng is a civil engineer with expertise in the interaction of soils and structures. An authority on testing unsaturated soils, and on landslide risk mitigation, he has been editor of the journal Landslides since 2003.

He collaborated with plant scientists to define the benefit of “greening” Hong Kong’s steep slopes, using plant roots both as reinforcement and to maintain helpful suction. He leads a team aiming to reduce the threat of fast debris flows using novel barrier systems, enhancing safety and improving the environment.

学联帮转|喜报| 六位华人教授当选2020年英国皇家工程院院士

Professor Tong Sun OBE FREng

Professor of Sensor Engineering, 

City, University of London

Professor Sun enjoys an international reputation in her field of optical sensor technology and has established strong partnerships with academia, industry and international centres of excellence. She is Professor of Sensor Engineering at City, University of London and leads research in photonics and instrumentation.

Her work embraces the civil, aerospace, railway, marine and safety critical areas of engineering. In addition, her interests extend to drug and terrorism detection and water contamination. She sits on a number of United Kingdom and international committees. Professor Sun is the holder of seven patents and is author of some 333 technical papers.


学联帮转|喜报| 六位华人教授当选2020年英国皇家工程院院士

Professor Yong Yan FREng

Professor of Electronic Instrumentation 

Director of Innovation, School of Engineering and Digital Arts, University of Kent

Yong Yan has made a distinctive contribution to improving combustion efficiency and lowering emissions through innovation in electronic instrumentation and successful development of novel instruments, thereby making an important impact on the power industry nationally and internationally.

His prize-winning research has supported the better understanding of fuel combustion, through developing digital imaging technology for the quantitative characterisation of burner flames and through developing innovative instruments, measuring the mass flow rate and size distribution of fuel particles in pipelines using advanced sensors and signal processing algorithms. These instruments are marketed commercially and have been installed at full-scale power stations.


学联帮转|喜报| 六位华人教授当选2020年英国皇家工程院院士

Professor Yang Hao FREng

Professor in Antennas and Electromagnetics, 

Queen Mary University of London

Professor Hao is distinguished for his seminal contributions to the fields of body-centric communication and to metamaterials especially those employing spatial transformation. He has applied his knowledge to the design of devices with application in medical and aerospace fields.

These have been taken up by industry in the UK and overseas. His work has been recognised both nationally and internationally through his books and highly cited papers published in leading journals.


学联帮转|喜报| 六位华人教授当选2020年英国皇家工程院院士

Professor Yulong Ding FREng

RAEng/Highview Chair in Cryogenic Energy Storage, 

University of Birmingham

Distinguished for his academic leadership and pioneering work in chemical and process engineering applied to energy materials and thermal systems that has led to important innovations in new thermal energy storage materials, cryogenic energy storage, engine technology and temperature regulation technologies for rail and road vehicles that have widespread societal applications to address future global sustainable energy challenges.

学联帮转|喜报| 六位华人教授当选2020年英国皇家工程院院士

Professor Kai Hong Luo FREng

Chair of Energy Systems

Professor Luo has made outstanding contributions to engineering research, education and practices for three decades. He has been responsible for the development of cutting-edge models and numerical methods across scales that have transformed energy system diagnostics, design and optimisation, evidenced by his significant research funding, research publications, software codes, inventions, products, awards and fellowships.

He has established and led major national and international consortia and collaborations, generating innovative advances in engineering with significant international and industrial impact. He has a unique expertise in mesoscale modelling and simulation that bridges the science and engineering boundary making groundbreaking advances in both spheres.

文章来源:Royal Academy of Engineering

学联帮转|喜报| 六位华人教授当选2020年英国皇家工程院院士

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